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6-27-11: Ghetto Stub

July 1, 2011

6-27-11, Monday


-11×1-both hands     *Notes: Full lifts. 

-11×1-both hands     *Notes: Full lifts. 

-11×1-both hands     *Notes: Full lifts.  All were done back-to-back to warm up. 

-21.2×1-both hands     *Notes: Full lifts. 

-31.4-MISS-both hands     *Notes: Got about 1/2″ of air righty and nothing lefty.  Felt glued to the floor.

-31.4-MISS-both hands     *Notes: Nothing at all.

-31.4-MISS-both hands     *Notes: Nothing again.  Used slightly different technique on 2nd attempt and it made no difference at all – it was a handshake-style grip.

*Overall Notes: My PR from my last workout on 6-14-11 is only 29.2lbs so I went a bit higher than I should’ve to try to beat that.  I have to remind myself that even 1lb on this event is substantial so I need to attempt smaller increases.  Those will build up over time. 


6-19-11: Ghetto Hub

June 22, 2011

6-19-11, Sunday


Play on the name of David Horne’s World of Grip – Grip Topz – Series 1 – implements.  Shallow Hub.  I made my own shallow hub trainer and I think it’ll have great carryover to the actual implement at Adam Glass’s November Grip Decathlon in Minnesota.  Time will tell.

-35.8-MISS-both hands     *Notes: Whew, little too heavy there, lol.

-29×1-both hands     *Notes: Full pulls.  Totally under control. 

-31.4×1-both hands     *Notes: Full pulls.  Strong on both hands.  And on video.  Not sure what my previous PR is since I can’t find the record of putting it on my blog…

-34×1-both hands     *Notes: Full pulls again.  Strong – but the left hand felt like a max.  Got these on video.

-34×1-right hand, -MISS-left hand     *Notes: Nothing lefty, but a full pull righty.  Ran out of training time or I would’ve spent more time working on this lift.  Quite a lot of fun and it doesn’t tear up the fingers and hands. 

6-15-11: Ghetto Rim Lift and Hub Lifting

June 22, 2011

6-15-11, Wednesday


Tried to model this event after David Horne’s World of Grip – Grip Topz Series 1 – Rim Lift.  Used my deep dish 45 and a loading pin through the middle of the plate with weight added equally to both sides of the plate.

-116×1-both hands     *Notes: Lifted as high as possible.  Only about 5-8″ of movement I’d guess.

-157×1-both hands     *Notes: Full pulls.  Felt pretty hard on the fingers!  Now I have a baseline to work upward from.

-188-MISS-both hands     *Notes: Nothing at all on either hand.  Pretty surprised that I couldn’t get this weight off the ground.

-188-MISS-both hands     *Notes: Same results as the first try.


Used my super shallow 25lb hub for this segment of my workout.  Tried to lift it a dozen times – with no successes. 

One of the attempts on both hands was done using my digital scales.  I placed the plate on the scale and then attempted to hub it.  Recorded the lowest weight registered to see how close I am to moving the weight.  Got 3lbs righty and 4lbs lefty.  Very close to moving that hub.  And it is extremely shallow.  It’s literally a tip of the finger lift. 

Also “invented” a new training helper – “Rolling Ball Negatives.”  Did that on one of my attempts and got it on video.  Will share it on YouTube eventually if I feel there’s any interest in it.  Otherwise I’ll keep it to myself.

6-15-11: Rolling Thunder

June 22, 2011

6-15-11, Wednesday


-131×1-both hands     *Notes: Both full pulls.

-166×1-both hands     *Notes: Both full pulls.  Felt heavier than 166lbs today – even though I ripped the weight up both hands.

-181×1-both hands     *Notes: Both full pulls again.  Strong lifts.  Had more in the tank righty.

-192×1-right hand, -MISS-left hand     *Notes: Full pull righty and got about 2″ lefty. 

-202-MISS-both hands     *Notes: No movement at all today.

-202-MISS-both hands     *Notes: Nothing again.

*Overall Notes: Did NOT use the water trick on any of these sets.  That’s an important distinction to make since I’ve really been using it to quite a bit in my Rolling Thunder training.  I got a wake-up call at the KC Qualifier II in May though when I couldn’t lift a measly 180lbs during the medley. 

6-14-11: Ghetto Stub

June 17, 2011

6-14-11, Tuesday


-11.2×1-both hands     *Notes: Easy, full lifts.

-21.4×1-both hands     *Notes: Pretty easy lifts – full pulls. 

-27.2×1-right hand, -@ 8″-left hand     *Notes: Full lift right hand.  Believe this is my previous PR.  Definitely going to go a bit heavier.

-29.6×1-right hand, -@ 1″-left hand     *Notes: A 2.4lb PR!  Pulled it about 18″ righty.  Even a 1lb PR on a lift like this is a good deal. 

6-13-11: 2″ Vertical Bar

June 17, 2011

6-13-11, Monday


-116×1-both hands     *Notes: Both full lifts.

-163×1-both hands     *Notes: Full lifts.

-207×1-both hands     *Notes: Full lifts.

-242×1-both hands     *Notes: Full lifts.  Wore my belt and took off my shoes. 

-277×1-right hand, -MISS-left hand     *Notes: Full lift righty and nothing lefty.  Belt and no shoes.

-303-MISS-both hands     *Notes: Got 1″ righty and nothing lefty.

-303-MISS-both hands     *Notes: Got 1/2″ righty and nothing lefty.

-303×1-right hand!, -MISS-lefty     *Notes: 2lb all-time PR!  Got 1/2″ lefty too.  Pulled about 2.5″ righty and got it on video.  Feels great to hit a training PR of 12lbs!  I’ve been very close on 303lbs in training several times but just haven’t been able to pull it off until today’s workout. 

-315-MISS on 3 attempts-both hands     *Notes: Couldn’t even budge the weight but I was so close on a few attempts righty. 

-305-MISS-both hands     *Notes: No movement on 305lbs either.  Time to quit?  Not yet.

-277×2-both hands     *Notes: Doing some reps.  Should’ve loaded about 225lbs though instead of 277lbs.  Learned a lesson here.  Separated by about 5 seconds rest on each hand.  So I’d do the rep and then rest about 5 seconds before starting the attempt on the next one.  Righty got a 3rd rep 1″ off the ground.  2 full lifts righty.  1 full lift lefty and the 2nd rep was 2″. 

6-7-11: Mouse Pinch-51mm

June 17, 2011

6-7-11, Tuesday


-104×1     *Notes: Full lift. 

-139×1     *Notes: Full lift.

-174×1    *Notes: PR at 51mm!  Pulled it about 13″ – a “full pull” in a contest setting is about 9″ for comparison. 

-174×1     *Notes: Pulled a few inches higher than the first pull on 174lbs.  Very nice.  Didn’t rechalk between these pulls.  Did take about 3 minutes rest though. 

-181-MISS     *Notes: Got about 2″ of movement on this weight. 

-181-MISS     *Notes: No movement at all. 

*Overall Notes: Did this entire pinch workout while standing on 11″ high stack of weight plates.  I had a ruler set up so that I could review my harder attempts and see how high they went. 

I like how 51mm feels in my hands on the 2HP.  Much more than the 57mm setting I used in my last 2HP workout.  I’m doing some work at this width because Adam Glass’s Grip Decathlon (November of 2011 in Minnesota) is going to feature Euro Pinch at 52mm or 57mm.  So I’d better get used to both those widths and find out in the meantime which one will work best for me at that contest. 

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