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6-29-11: Mouse Pinch-19mm

July 3, 2011

6-29-11, Wednesday


-57×1     *Notes: Full lift. 

-101×1     *Notes: Full lift.  Already reminded of the pressure that thin pinch puts on the fingers.

-147×1    *Notes: PR at 19mm by 4lbs!  Barely hit the contest-legal height gauge.  Very hard pull. 

-150-MISS     *Notes: Got about 1/2″ of movement.  Amazing how 3 extra lbs totally changed this lift.

-150-MISS     *Notes: No movement at all.

-137×1     *Notes: Pulled about 10″.  Another very hard pull. 

*Overall Notes: Did this entire pinch workout while standing on 11″ high stack of weight plates.  I had a ruler set up so that I could review my harder attempts and see how high they went. 

I don’t like how the 19mm pinch width feels but I’ll continue to do it because of the 2012 Michigan Grip Championships.  The mantra I keep repeating to myself is – “I will train my pinch until it becomes a strength and ceases to be a liability.”   

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