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6-15-11: Rolling Thunder

June 22, 2011

6-15-11, Wednesday


-131×1-both hands     *Notes: Both full pulls.

-166×1-both hands     *Notes: Both full pulls.  Felt heavier than 166lbs today – even though I ripped the weight up both hands.

-181×1-both hands     *Notes: Both full pulls again.  Strong lifts.  Had more in the tank righty.

-192×1-right hand, -MISS-left hand     *Notes: Full pull righty and got about 2″ lefty. 

-202-MISS-both hands     *Notes: No movement at all today.

-202-MISS-both hands     *Notes: Nothing again.

*Overall Notes: Did NOT use the water trick on any of these sets.  That’s an important distinction to make since I’ve really been using it to quite a bit in my Rolling Thunder training.  I got a wake-up call at the KC Qualifier II in May though when I couldn’t lift a measly 180lbs during the medley. 

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