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6-15-11: Ghetto Rim Lift and Hub Lifting

June 22, 2011

6-15-11, Wednesday


Tried to model this event after David Horne’s World of Grip – Grip Topz Series 1 – Rim Lift.  Used my deep dish 45 and a loading pin through the middle of the plate with weight added equally to both sides of the plate.

-116×1-both hands     *Notes: Lifted as high as possible.  Only about 5-8″ of movement I’d guess.

-157×1-both hands     *Notes: Full pulls.  Felt pretty hard on the fingers!  Now I have a baseline to work upward from.

-188-MISS-both hands     *Notes: Nothing at all on either hand.  Pretty surprised that I couldn’t get this weight off the ground.

-188-MISS-both hands     *Notes: Same results as the first try.


Used my super shallow 25lb hub for this segment of my workout.  Tried to lift it a dozen times – with no successes. 

One of the attempts on both hands was done using my digital scales.  I placed the plate on the scale and then attempted to hub it.  Recorded the lowest weight registered to see how close I am to moving the weight.  Got 3lbs righty and 4lbs lefty.  Very close to moving that hub.  And it is extremely shallow.  It’s literally a tip of the finger lift. 

Also “invented” a new training helper – “Rolling Ball Negatives.”  Did that on one of my attempts and got it on video.  Will share it on YouTube eventually if I feel there’s any interest in it.  Otherwise I’ll keep it to myself.

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