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6-7-11: Mouse Pinch-51mm

June 17, 2011

6-7-11, Tuesday


-104×1     *Notes: Full lift. 

-139×1     *Notes: Full lift.

-174×1    *Notes: PR at 51mm!  Pulled it about 13″ – a “full pull” in a contest setting is about 9″ for comparison. 

-174×1     *Notes: Pulled a few inches higher than the first pull on 174lbs.  Very nice.  Didn’t rechalk between these pulls.  Did take about 3 minutes rest though. 

-181-MISS     *Notes: Got about 2″ of movement on this weight. 

-181-MISS     *Notes: No movement at all. 

*Overall Notes: Did this entire pinch workout while standing on 11″ high stack of weight plates.  I had a ruler set up so that I could review my harder attempts and see how high they went. 

I like how 51mm feels in my hands on the 2HP.  Much more than the 57mm setting I used in my last 2HP workout.  I’m doing some work at this width because Adam Glass’s Grip Decathlon (November of 2011 in Minnesota) is going to feature Euro Pinch at 52mm or 57mm.  So I’d better get used to both those widths and find out in the meantime which one will work best for me at that contest. 

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