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5-27-11: Shallow Hub 35

May 29, 2011

5-27-11, Friday


-MISS-right hand, -@ 8″-left hand     *Notes: Very hard to get this thing moving.

-MISS-right hand, -@ 1″-left hand     *Notes: That sucks.

-MISS-right hand, -@ 5″-left hand     *Notes: Feel like I’m on the verge of being able to pick the plate up if I can find the right technique.

-@ 1″-right hand, -FULL LIFT-left hand     *Notes: Very pleased with a full lift!  This is the first time I’ve hub lifted this shallow 35 in the “claw-style.”  Many times I’ve hub lifted it “vbar-style.” 

-FULL LIFT-both hands!     *Notes: Felt great to get it with both hands.  On video too.  Both hands pulled the plate to crotch-height. 

*Overall Notes: I found the best way (for me) to put my fingers and thumb on the claw-style.  I am not new to hub lifting.  I’ve lifted a bunch of 45lb plates by the hub.  That was vbar-style. 

Lifting on this shallow hub 35 should set me up just fine for Adam Glass’s Grip Decathlon in November – in Minnesota.  His contest is featuring the Grip Topz Shallow Hub.  But mine is close enough to the contest implement dimensions to at least be helpful in my contest prep. 

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