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5-25-11: Mouse Pinch-57mm and Rolling Thunder for reps

May 29, 2011

5-25-11, Wednesday


-104×1     *Notes: Full lift. 

-139×1     *Notes: Full lift.

-166-MISS     *Notes: Pulled it about 4″. 

-166×1     *Notes: Full lift.  Very hard lift.  Knew better than to even try a pound more. 

*Overall Notes: Did this entire pinch workout while standing on 11″ high stack of weight plates.  I had a ruler set up so that I could review my harder attempts and see how high they went. 

Locked in my lats tightly on the last attempt at 166 and it came up slowly but surely. 

I don’t like how 57mm feels in my hands on the 2HP.  Not at all.  I’m doing some work at this width because Adam Glass’s Grip Decathlon (November of 2011 in Minnesota) is going to feature Euro Pinch at 52mm or 57mm.  So I’d better get used to both those widths and find out in the meantime which one will work best for me at that contest. 


-122lbs for 32 reps in 60 seconds-right hand     *Notes: First set was 20 reps.  Then a set of 12.  All were full reps to lockout. 

-122lbs for 23 reps in 60 seconds-left hand     *Notes: First set was 12 reps.  Second was 8.  Third was 3.  All were full reps to lockout. 

*Overall Notes: The 2″ Crusher for reps is being featured at the Michigan Grip Championships (May of 2012 in Michigan) and the Rolling Thunder will yield me similar numbers to the contest setup.  And Bob Lipinski (organizer, promoter, competitor) said the weight will be about 120lbs.  So I’ll stick around this weight most of the time.  Will occasionally go lighter to work on speed and heavier to work on strength. 

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