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5-19-11: Ghetto Stub

May 22, 2011

For details on what the Ghetto Stub is go to my 5-17-11 workout where I detail what it is.

5-19-11, Thursday


-21.8×1-both hands     *Notes: Full lifts.  Beats my previous max by 1lb.  Very small PR in weight but that’s the nature of a lift like this.

-24.2×1-both hands     *Notes: Full lifts.  Big PR on a small lift like the Stub.  Felt like a max – but so did the 21.8lbs.

-26-@ 8″-right hand, -@ 1″-left hand     *Notes: Almost got it righty.

-26×1-right hand, -@ 3″-lefty     *Notes: Full lift righty.  Was levering hard right from the start.  You’d understand if you tried the lift even once what “levering” into the Stub means. 

-27.2×1-right hand, -@ 3″-lefty     *Notes: Another pretty substantial PR righty.  So I’ve gone up a bit over 6lbs since my first workout.  I know it’s just the “getting used to it” process – but I could get used to setting PRs all the time like this. 

A 30% PR is fine by me!

Remembered after my first set that I hadn’t tested (Grip and Rip, Gym Movement, biofeedback testing) any wrist action on the Ghetto Stub.  Levering hard into the Stub tested well and it really showed with the subsequent increases in weight lifted. 

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  1. May 28, 2011 10:01 am

    Looking forward to reading some great posts Ben, will spead the word. Cheers Rob

    • May 28, 2011 10:24 am

      Thanks a lot Rob! Already enjoying having the training log separated into pinch and thickbar because it’ll help me train it more often by keeping me “honest” about how often I’m training it. More is better with pinch.

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