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5-17-11: One Hand Pinch – Saxon Plank

May 22, 2011

5-17-11, Tuesday


The pinch width on the Saxon Plank is 3″.  It’s made of wood and is loadable so it’s got a grippy texture but doesn’t tend to tear up the fingers and thumb web too much when training with it.

-82-MISS-both hands     *Notes: No movement at all.      

-48×1-both hands     *Notes: Moderately hard to full deadlift. 

-59×1-both hands     *Notes: Another full lift.

-69×1-both hands     *Notes: Full lifts.  Very hard lefty and hard righty.  This is the weight we loaded on the Saxon Plank in the grip medley of the KC Qualifier II on Saturday the 14th.  Lefty baseline max to work from.

-73×1-right hand, – @ 5″-lefty     *Notes: Barely above the minimum 8.5″ pull.  Now I have a baseline max to go from.

-73×1-right hand, – @ 3″-lefty     *Notes: About 2″ over the 18″ USAWA vbar. 

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