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5-17-11: Ghetto Grip Topz Stub

May 22, 2011

I copied David’s design as closely as I could – which isn’t close at all, haha – and did some training on the Stub.  Very humbling how little weight can completely stump me on this lift! 

-11×1-both hands     *Notes: Easy lift.  My homemade Grip Topz Stub seems to be pretty solid.  If I could afford the real deal right now I would buy the entire set.  If YOU can afford the real deal I wouldn’t recommend making a shoddy copy like I did.

-20.8×1-right hand, – @ 1″-lefty     *Notes: That got heavy in a hurry!  Levered into the stub to start the lift.  That will make sense if you watch the video. 

-20.8×1-right hand, – @ 8″-lefty     *Notes: Another full lift righty.  Very hard. 

-20.8×1-both hands     *Notes: Full lifts on both hands.  Got on video and these were max lifts. 

Now I have a baseline max to work from on this event too.  The Stub is 5/16″ diameter and 5/8″ long.  Well, the part I grasp is those dimensions.  It is built into its own loading pin on my design. 

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